This has all gone sort of wrong.

Okay, so I was never frequent in updating this site, but still, I’ve been really bad recently (where “recently” means the last few years).

Worse of all, while I've always said I’d use this to put whatever I wanted up, the original goal was that it would focus mainly on programming matters, but of late I’ve pretty much only written on occult and religious topics.

There is at least one Computer Science course out there that has this website as recommended reading. Oh I bet they’re regretting that now! Still, if your CS professor told you to read this, all the stuff for you is under “articles”. You’re free to read the rest as well of course, but you’re probably fine if you don’t. Meanwhile, the occult and religious stuff fills out most of what’s under “off-topic” even though at this rate it'll soon be the main topic.

Latest Code


A library of lock-free thread-safe collections for .NET and Mono

This library aims to provide a set of general-purpose and specialised generic collections, all of which are thread-safe for multiple simultaneous readers and writers without locking.

Latest Article

Templates and Inheritance

The introduction of templates to C++ brought a new paradigm to C++ coding — Generic Programming. This is now a major part of the toolkit of the C++ programmer, the basis of much of the standard library, and something which many of us younger C++ hackers never experienced C++ without. Generic Programming is often discussed in contrast with Object Orientated Programming’s concept of inheritance. However a truly multi-paradigm approach prompts us to examine how the two interact.

Latest Off-Topic

Together we Fall, Divided we Stand

Guest post on Patheos

Exoteric Neopaganism: Toward a minor religion?

Essay in Kim Huggen’s anthology Vs.

TWPT Talks to Jon Hanna

Interview on The Wiccan/Pagan Times

Living without a Golden Rule


Valid is for Car Parking


A book, What Thou Wilt, based on my essay, “Traditional and Innovative Trends in Post-Gardnerian Witchcraft”, has been published by Evertype.

As well as benefitting some insightful comments by readers, and from a deadline forcing me to finally rectify some errors and make some necessary additions, the oversight of an editor is a wonderful thing—I don’t know why some writers complain about editors; seeing what I’ve tried to express made clearer by editting is a joy.

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