I suppose a personal site should have something personal on it, so here’s a page about me.

Oh, em, do-be-do, so what do I put here? See this is why I avoided having a personal site for so long…. Maybe I should do a third-person thing, like “Jon Hanna lives in Dublin, Ireland and…” to make this objective-sounding. Probably not.

Well, I’m Jon Hanna, I’m also known in some circles as Talliesin (there is no need to mail me to point out that it’s spelt Taliesin) and should you ever feel the need to refer to me using a URI then <http://www.hackcraft.net/jon/> can be used.

There’s some boring biographical details in my CV (out of date) and FOAF file (probably out of date).

Well, the site’s about programming and hacking, so I may mention that programming has been my hobby since I was 9 and now I get paid for it, which is pretty cool when you think about it.


I can be contacted at <mailto:jon@hackcraft.net>.


It is highly unlikely that you will need to send me an encrypted document. But you might want to do so anyway, so you can download my key if you want to. I use that key to sign executables on this site, just in case someone does something naughty with them.


Wish-lists are window-shopping for the web. There’s just that little bit more activity than merely looking at what’s on offer that equates with trying on clothes you’ve no intention of ever buying.

Anyway, I’d be very cautious about judging me by what’s in my wish-lists, in a different mood I’d have selected different stuff, but here’s my ThinkGeek and Amazon wishlists in case you want to buy me a box of caffeinated peppermints or something ☺

Fun Stuff I Like

Is Pocketful of Stars the cutest, sweetest little Flash game ever or what?

Let’s not forget good old boards.ie. I don’t partake much, but I do moderate the programming and Paganism boards.

Off-Topic Articles

Now for some articles by me that have nothing to do with computers or programming.

Hmm, actually this article on Ritual Nudity is the only thing I’ve written that is on the ’net to my knowledge. I don’t really like it now. I wrote an article on tools and symbols for the same group. They haven’t it online yet, so here’s a copy in the meantime.

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