Art begins with craft, and there is no art until craft has been mastered. You can’t create until you’re willing to subordinate the creative impulses to the constriction of a form.Anthony Burgess

(Relatively) Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to me to supply you with Viagra? Are you unhappy with the size and/or function of your genitals? Can I interest you in a ill-defined plan involving a war-torn country and an unfeasible amount of diamonds and/or hard currency? Do you want some Norton Anti-virus software? Do you want printer cartridges? Do you want Spam-blocking software to prevent more mails like this arriving? Did you know that you have run out of space on your webmail service even though you don’t use webmail?
No, indeed I would like to take this opportunity to state my hope that you die frightened and alone.
Why do you have your email address on your site? Aren’t you worried about Spam?
It’s already a lost cause. I’ve received useful information correcting or adding to something I’ve written about here, and I’ve been able to help people who have questions about stuff here. Given that there are plenty of places on the ’net where a harvester can find an address for me I’d rather make it much easier for these people to contact me than slightly harder for the Spammers. The best technological solution to Spam is filtering, the best long-term solution is custodial sentences.
I have a problem related to one of the things you’ve written about here, can you help me?
I am glad to be able to help. However I am often quite busy, and Murphy’s law means that I am often busiest when someone wants my help. If I can help you I will, but I may not be speedy. Please be patient; badgering gets you kill-filed and mails with “urgent” in subject get mistaken for Spam. On the other hand if I haven’t replied in a month then I’ve probably plain forgot, so do remind me.
Hey, someone called Hanna! I’m doing genealogical research on that surname.
It’s a variant of the Scottish name Hannay, commonly found in Ireland (Hannah and Hannay itself are more common in Scotland). It’s probably got nothing to do with the identical Turkic surname, which at a guess orginates from the male first name “Hanna” found in that region, probably in the immediate aftermath of the Surname Law during Atatürk’s time.